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For the optimal evolution of our students, we design a Program divided into 12 levels of training, which certify the quality of learning and its progression over time.


Thus, each level represents an "Experience or Training Stage" in which it is expected that as a practitioner you can study, understand and incorporate into your technical arsenal, and that you manage to develop your skills in the system until you achieve the degree of Mastery. At the same time, functional physical training is implemented so that you can maintain an adequate physical condition and a mental attitude of self-confidence both in the academy and on the street.


Elements of the Wing Tchun System.  


Course I: Base Level: "Introduction to the Elements of the WT System".

Course II: Levels 1 -3: "Configuration of the Elements of the WT System" - (Form: Siu-Nim-Tao 小 念頭).

Course III: Levels 4 - 6: "Combination of the Elements":  (Form: Chum-Kiu 尋 橋). With this Graduation you have access to the possibility of training as a Monitor or Group Leader.


Course IV: Level 7-9: “Integration of the Elements”: (Form: Biu Jee 鏢 指).


Course V: Levels 10 - 12: "Mastery of Shapes": (Wooden Doll Sequences 

木人 樁). With this graduation you have access to the possibility of training as an Art Instructor.


Course VI: "Towards the Mastery of the Elements": (Forms: Long Stick of 6 and a half points or Luk Dim Boon Kwan 六點 半 棍 +  8-cut shape of the Butterfly Blades or Baat Cham Dao 八 斬 刀.


The "Elements" of the System constitute the Paths of Technical - Tactical Development of the Art and are made up of the following way.


  • 24 BASES. 

  • EMPTY HAND SHAPES (Siu Nim Tao / Chum Kiu / Biu Jee)

  • SAN SAO / Technical applications.

  • LAT SAO / Exercises of correct automatic intention.


  • PADS

  • CHI SAO / Arms in contact. Reading and Control of attacks.

  • SPAR DRILLS / Combat School + Self Defense Scenarios + 5 Distances.

  • DEVELOPMENT ELEMENTS: Wooden Dummy / Pads / WallBags / Punching Bag, etc. 



As a member of the School and Organization, you will have access to the possibility of taking our exams, which are carried out at different times of the year. You will also access  to higher studies to become an International Certified Graduate Instructor. But, above all and beyond this, we want this activity to excite you and help you grow physically, mentally and emotionally.  


We want to transmit real Kung Fu and design a horizon for life!


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