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 We seek:

  • That you re-integrate  your  mind and body connection.

  • That you reactivate  your  instant defensive responsiveness.

  • What do you develop  self-confidence and security.

  • What better  your  mental and physical agility.

  • What better  your  neuromuscular coordination.

  • That you stimulate  concentration for  achieve your goals.

  • That you develop your strength  and keep your  muscular tone.

  • What better  control & motor skills.  

  • That you raise your lucidity & clarity in making immediate decisions.

  • That you feel the improvements in different perception, tactile, visual and kinesthetic systems.

  • That  reduce  the stress  and raise your self-esteem.


Skills Acquired in the Kwoon

1. Efficient Self Defense Tools.

2. Channel aggressiveness

and stress.

3. Strengthening and self-confidence.

Simple, direct and forceful techniques, intelligently worked from body biomechanics

The synergistic work of the practice will help you channel and transform stress and aggression into vital and healthy energy.

Conscious repetition and the act of learning elements for the fight generates a propitious roots to strengthen our self-esteem and self-confidence. Believing in yourself and in what you are doing is the product of a healthy mentality and without arrogance. It is part of the benefit that this martial art also brings us.

4. Manage your emotions efficiently.

5. Muscle tone and proper use of basic body mechanics.

6. Open mind,
Mind not rigid.

You will learn to establish a connection with your body, and its protection mechanisms that allow you to avoid paralysis and thus develop an agile, fast and automatic response to emerging situations.

The physical conditioning is intense. You work with your own weight, in static positions and in acceleration and deceleration movements. It promotes motor development, use and precise muscular coordination that helps you project a vital and healthy energy. 

WT will teach you through the simplicity of its philosophy, the benefit of staying flexible in the face of situations that can cause stress and rigidity, allowing you to adapt appropriately instead of "forcing" circumstances and colliding with them, taking care of your center at the same time. , and your personal space.

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